02 June, 2011


Hello friends! I have a new blog so come and visit me there!

Love you all!!

14 May, 2011

Simpsons meet Will Smith

I know I've been a bad blogger lately. You never know what will get you to blog. This is what got me to blog today. FREAKING OUT!! This is my favorite cousin/mission companion Breanne and her baby who live in NYC with yes...WILL SMITH!

Here is her story about it: While walking through Soho today with my mom and Kenna we ran into a large crowd of people catching glimpses of the cast members of Men In Black III...they were all waiting cameras in hand for Will Smith to walk out of his truck and go on set. We decided to wait around a few minutes. We're happy we did! The workers outside the truck moved Kenna and I over to the side opposite the crowd because they wanted Kenna to be protected when the people and paparazzi started to swarm when they saw him.
When Will Smith came out of the truck I snapped a few pics off him on my iphone...i thought that would be it but then he walked towards us and saw Kenna. He said,"What a cute baby. Can I hold her?" I said, "Sure!" and then we took a few pics...it was the funniest moment! My mom was laughing watching this. What are the chances? Kenna's first celebrity sighting and photo op! My mom got a handshake too! Jeremiah couldn't believe the pic he saw when I emailed him...he got a few laughs also. I just love nyc! You never know what will happen when you walk out the door!

I love NYC. That statement rings so true. You never know what you will find when you walk out the door! Can't WAIT to come out and see you again!!!

27 April, 2011

Sock Monster

Have any of you met the sock monster? I think he is the monster of all monsters. He definitely has me and Alana fooled.
He always manages to eat up not 2 but only 1 sock. We thought we could out smart him and combine all of our onesies. We were bound to find tons of matches, right?
Wrong :( This was the result.
Dang that sock monster.

03 April, 2011

The city sites

I was amazed by the big buildings and the "mini New York" feel that we found in Chicago.
So many picturesque moments!

How about stepping on a ledge at the top of the 'Sears' tower (now called the Willis Tower). This is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Yikes!
They said 'You're a real dare devil if you lay on your tummy and look down'. Oh, I did the honors alright.
So high up! Everybody jump!

Wow. This was so much fun and such a sight to see.
The famous Chicago bean!

So there is a little taste of the city sites. Next I'll give you some of the city bites. Oh my so cheesy I know. It was such a fantastic city to explore. We were also able to confirm first hand the appropriateness of calling it the 'windy city'. Oh boy!

27 March, 2011

The Lyon & Healy Harp Factory

Last August my harp students all set goals to practice a certain amount of minutes a day. Their reward? To go to the Lyon and Healy harp factory and see how harps are made. The extra bonus was...the factory is in Chicago!!! They all worked so hard and were soooo excited! We got in Wed night and hit up the factory Thursday morning for a tour.
Ready for the tour and standing by a harp over 100 years old. The 9th harp to be made by this company(the best harps in my opinion and most people's opinion too).
Our tour guide was fabulous and it was amazing to see every little step of harp making and all the pieces being put together. Such intricate work. It takes 2 years to build one harp! There are over 2,000 moving parts on a harp.
All the moms were saying "Now we understand why our harps cost so much!" We loved the man had carving the columns. It seemed like most all the workers were from Eastern Europe. Amazing to see these craftsmen at work.
The factory was nice enough to set up 5 concert grand harps for us to play at their concert hall. The girls had practiced ensemble pieces to play together. They played many classical songs to Pirates of the Caribean to Titanic to Phantom to hymns. It was quiet the sight and sound. I was very proud of them. They sure rose to the occasion!

I had some of them play a few solos. This student played a song that she wrote. She entered reflections at her school and won the state competition. She was so happy.
This student played a very hard classical song by Haydn. It was awesome to hear and watch. I wish you could see out the window better. The big Chicago buildings in the background were gorgeous.
"You have to work like the devil to play like an angel!" So true! We loved this and all the girls said "Let's make T shirts that say that!"

A bunch of very happy moms and daughters. Way to go girls!
We saw lots of different harps-black and gold and blue!
And a small electric harp that they could try!
Here are some videos of the girls playing the electric harp. I was too busy directing everyone in the concert hall or I would have recorded some in there too. The girls had a blast playing around with this harp.

They even got to meet the owner of Lyon and Healy! I met him and his beautiful wife a few years back. She is from Argentina so it's always fun to talk to her in Spanish. She is also a fabulous harpist. They are such a classy couple and talked to the girls about their experience at the factory, Chicago pizza, skiing in Utah and much more!
What a great time we had and memories made to last forever! But that is not all!! We not only harped, but we shopped, ate, saw art museums and aquariums and stood on high buildings. Stay tuned for the rest of the trip! This was one weekend that made me so happy and grateful for what I do. These girls and their moms are such blessings in my life.

23 March, 2011

Relaxing and intense

That is how this past weekend was. Relaxing and intense. Rosie and I headed to Las Vegas to just chill and I certified to teach Zumba. I have been teaching kickboxing for 5 years and while recently feeling slightly bored with it, I took my first Zumba class. I realize that I am one of the last to try Zumba. I sometimes have this thing of NOT jumping on band wagons. I didn't read Twilight or Harry Potter and never saw The Lord of the Rings. I dunno. However, I am now gladly jumping on the Zumba train. It's so fun! When we left our first class I told Becca "I am going to teach that!"

Friday was intensely filled with Zumba training for 10 hours. I learned all about Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton styles of dancing. I got a little Latin hip swaying in me from living in Chile HOWEVER I can't move my hips quiet as easily and naturally as those Latins. It's a work in progress. I will start teaching Thursdays at Gold's Gym and I'll keep you posted about other classes coming soon...
Rosie and I hit up the pool/hot tub, shopped, ate and cozed up. She is pregnant and we would laugh because I think people thought we were a real couple. Oh you know we are!
After the long Zumba day we hit up Benihanas for dinner at our hotel. Nice and convenient.
The next day was filled with Caesar's Palace of course.

The new H&M shop there was excellent. 3 floors of great clothes and a kids section. Rosie got her girls darling Easter dresses there. This store replaced FAO Shwarz. This BIG piano is missed of course!
Cheesecake factory is always a must. We don't mind that we have one in Utah now. It's a tradish!
We got to meet Dick Butkus. You older people or sports fans will be excited. All Rosie and I could think of was that is a pretty bad name to have. Yikes.
The Belagio is always a must there for me. I find it a place of serenity amongst all of the chaos.

Great fun and rejuvenating trip. Thanks Rose for all the talk time and the mini eggs.

28 February, 2011

February news

First on the February news agenda is that BYU moved into the #3 spot in the National ranking for college basketball which of COURSE constitutes Ro shaving his head with the BYU letters and spray painting it. Also My mom had her 64th birthday.
She shares a birthday with Eleisha, aka her adopted granddaughter, aka my harp student.
So the family went up to a cabin and took a snowmobile trip for the day. It was grande!

Then we hit up the ice castles in Midway. They are a real gem.
My mom LOVING her birthday!
Then my dad dared us to lick the ice "The Christmas story" style.
So we did.

Beautiful times and beautiful memories. Now welcome MARCH!!